Day 2 – Creating Meaningful Characters

31 Days to Plan Your Novel

Every October, hundreds of bloggers gather at The Nesting Place to write for 31 days straight on a variety of different topics, teaching and encouraging and offering tips and tricks to make life easier.

Your characters are the most important components of your whole story. They live and interact with the world you have created, and they have the capacity to hijack your plot, changing it from within. This month, we will be focusing mainly on building great characters, because I believe that setting and major plot points flow out of the characters you create.

Think about your favourite novels. Chances are, you remember the Boy Who Lived, Gandalf the Grey, or the Dread Pirate Roberts more than you remember the actual plot of the story itself. Definitely more than the setting, unless you love those books where certain places act as characters.

So over the next couple of weeks, as you work on characterization, hold your original concept loosely, and let the characters take shape outside of your idea of plot, and who knows, maybe your story will surprise you.

31 Days to Plan Your Novel


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