Day 4 – Is your protagonist really a protagonist?

31 Days to Plan Your Novel

After a few days, do you feel like you’re starting to get a better understand of your protagonist? Can you feel your plot starting to shift, or has it stayed pretty steady so far?

We’ll continue developing the protagonist through to the end of the week, so you’re not done yet. Getting to know your characters can be like getting to know someone new. Over time, you learn whether or not you like them or not – if you want to spend the next chunk of your life writing about them or not.

Through the process of developing characters, it’s not uncommon for a character’s role to shift slightly. Someone that you thought would make a good protagonist is suddenly doing everything they can to derail your story – you begin to wonder if you got the roles all wrong. That’s okay. The reason why we free-write during these writing exercises is allow ourselves space within the characters to move.

Free-writing promotes exploration in a way that structured brainstorming cannot. When you free-write, you give yourself the freedom to wander off on tangents, exploring parts of your character’s life and past that you hadn’t considered before.

31 Days to Plan Your Novel


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