Day 8 – Beyond the Protagonist

31 Days to Plan Your Novel

As you work through your characterization activities, you may feel like you’re ready to start outlining – or even writing! You’ve hit a turning point, you’ve discovered something about your protagonist that has blown your story wide open and you’re excited to get started.

Go ahead, I’m not going to stop you. Use your excitement to propel your plot forward.

We’re going to leave the protagonist for now in the activities and begin to focus on the antagonist and other characters in your story. If you feel like you want to spend some more time developing your protagonist, by all means. The development questions in the next seven days of writing assignments will be different than the ones you’ve used already, but I urge you to spend a little time at least on your other characters.

Some of the other characters may have appeared in your free-writing about your protagonist – those may need less developing than others. Spend some time getting to know your antagonist, find out why he is working against your protagonist. Meet the people that support both theses important figures on their way to their individual goals. Figure out how they all fit together.

31 Days to Plan Your Novel

Every October, hundreds of bloggers gather at The Nesting Place to write for 31 days straight on a variety of different topics, teaching and encouraging and offering tips and tricks to make life easier.


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