Day 13 – Writing Resources #2

31 Days to Plan Your Novel

Today, I’m sharing a collection of a few creative writing websites that you can use to get information about narrative elements, or just to read about the writing life.

The Write Practice – they love short stories at The Write Practice, but they also love writing prompts (and offer a free ebook on subscription on the subject) and they are really knowledgeable on building narrative and characters.

Plot to Punctuation – In addition to a blog and services, you can find a page of some great books on writer’s craft.

Novelicious – a great site for readers and writers, the blog covers a number of topics, but if you’re only interested in writing tips, they have their posts curated so you can find the topic you want to check out.

Writing is Hard Work – a nice blend of writing skills and writing life, WIHW delivers some of the most thoughtful and well-crafted posts of the bunch

Terribleminds – A writer’s blog about everything from books, to life, to publishing, but the posts on writing are great, written with the fun tone and questionable language that Chuck Wendig has become known for.

What are your favourite writing sites?

31 Days to Plan Your Novel

Every October, hundreds of bloggers gather at The Nesting Place to write for 31 days straight on a variety of different topics, teaching and encouraging and offering tips and tricks to make life easier.

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