Day 25 – Your Protagonist Accepts their Role

31 Days to Plan Your Novel

In most works of fiction, the protagonist will have an internal struggle with whether or not they should join the story. In many cases, your protagonist does not want to accept the situation you have created for him, and rebels emotionally against it. This sense of the unwilling, or unlikely hero pervades many of the best novels. For example, Bilbo may have agreed to go on the journey with Gandalf and the dwarves, but he never really accepts his new role until after his experience with Gollum and the goblins.

Ultimately, the last major thing that happens in Act I should cause the protagonist to accept their position in your plot. This might come after a series of chance encounters, a brush with death, or a long conversation with a friend.

Don’t feel like after the end of the first Act your protagonist will never second guess themselves – there are several key points where a main character recommits themselves to the plot. But more on that next week.

31 Days to Plan Your Novel

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