Day 26 – Getting Through Act II

31 Days to Plan Your Novel

Act II is where everything happens. It’s the longest part of your story, and it’s the part where your protagonist and the characters that surround her are really tested. Some writers love this section – the creative momentum from beginning the novel is enough to carry them through the big climactic scenes. Others hate it because it feels like its. never. going. to. end. Not because the story is boring, of course, but because it can be hard to get to the scenes that naturally lead to the climactic finish in Act III.

When outlining Act II, keep your subplots in mind, and make sure you spend some time on their development as well as that of your main storyline. Subplots that adhere to a three-act structure as well hold their own dramatic tension and keep the main part of the story from getting stale (this can be a boon for writers who have trouble with Act II).

31 Days to Plan Your Novel

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