Day 27 – Making Your Protagonist Suffer

31 Days to Plan Your Novel

It’s Sunday – the day of the week when I let other bloggers do the talking for me. The main feature of the second act of your novel should be the suffering of your hero. This is the concept of two steps forward and one step back in terms of their journey towards their goal. Here is what people wiser than me have to say on the subject (some of these links talk about screenplays instead of novels, but the narrative arc we’re following is essentially the same):

Act Two: Obstacles – The Script Lab

Why Your Hero Must Suffer – Daniel Dalton

“We Love to Watch Heroes Suffer” – Crime Watch

Your Hero Must Suffer! – Write of Passage

31 Days to Plan Your Novel

Every October, hundreds of bloggers gather at The Nesting Place to write for 31 days straight on a variety of different topics, teaching and encouraging and offering tips and tricks to make life easier.

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