Why You Should Write Every Day

I think it’s probably fair to say that I will be blogging a little less frequently this month, since I am writing furiously trying to finish a novel in 30 days. I am beginning to think that this back-to-back-write-every-day-challenge thing may have been a lapse in good judgement.

At least it forces me into good writing habits.

the writing life

Because I really do think that you should write something every day. I think that applies even if you’re not a capital-W writer. There’s something neurological and science-y that happens in your brain when you actually put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards, but scientists – whose names escape me – will point out that it’s a different kind of science-y thing if you’re dealing with technology), and it’s got to be good for you to massage the ol’ myelin on the regular.

So whether you’re doing something crazy like writing a novel in thirty days, or writing about why your cat is hilarious, make this month about creating a habit of writing, just a few pages, every day.

PS: I once took a class on adolescent brain development, which is what makes me an expert on massaging myelin.


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