31 Days to Plan Your Novel

31 Days to Plan Your Novel

This month, I’ll be helping you plan your novel – starting from that sort-of-an-idea you’ve had floating around in the ether, and ending with an outline, ready to write.

There is a tip and an ‘assignment’ that should take around 30 minutes to complete for 31 days, including today. The first two weeks will be spent on brainstorming and free-writing, getting into the world of your story and fleshing out characters, situations and settings, then we’ll spend a few days on developing a story arc before we start writing our outlines in the last week.

Let’s get started!

Day 1 Writing Assignment

Day 2 – Creating Meaningful Characters

Day 3 – How Characters Change Plot

Day 4 – Is Your Protagonist Really A Protagonist?

Day 5 – To Plan or Not?

Day 6 – Writing Resources #1

Day 7 – Finding Your (Novelling) Bliss

Day 8 – Developing Other Characters

Day 9 – Defining Your Antagonist

Day 10 – A Growing Cast of Characters, pt 1

Day 11 – A Growing Cast of Characters, pt 2

Day 12 – Give Minor Characters a Life

Day 13 – Writing Resources #2

Day 14 – Is Your Villain Pure Evil?

Day 15 – Why We Love the Antihero

Day 16 – Life off the Page, pt 1

Day 17 – Life off the Page, pt 2

Day 18 – 3 Tips to Improve Dialogue

Day 19 – Create A Voice

Day 20 – Writing Resources #3

Day 21 – Your Novel in Three Acts

Day 22 – 7 Elements in Act I

Day 23 – The Inciting Incident

Day 24 – Conflict in the World of Your Novel

Day 25 – Your Protagonist Accepts their Role

Day 26 – Getting Through Act II

Day 27 – Making Your Protagonist Suffer

Day 28 – Writing the Third Act

Day 29 – 4 Parts of Narrative Climax

Day 30 – A New Equilibrium

Day 31 – Now Go Write!

One comment

  1. i have many I can forward this to – and I will ! i don’t want to write a novel – altho I wish I could. christian literature is insipid, often. but maybe i can use your grid to finish my 10 week companion bible study – still stuck on ch 5… i just can’t sit down long enough, is my excuse. . .

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