CarlieI am a writer. Not anyone whose work you may have seen published on paper, or even on digital pages, but I am a writer all the same. A lot, I think, like many of you.

I write from my dining room table in a bungalow in Nova Scotia, Canada, with an old dog at my feet, and my daughter (usually) napping in her bed. I write when I can, in the hollows and cracks and margins of my life. A lot, I think, like many of you.

I am generally wordy – maybe too wordy – so if you like your words to come in 140 characters or less, you can find me on Twitter. Or if you like your words to be pictures, I’ll be pinning away on Pinterest.

Why Four Pages? Why not Three pages? Or Five?

There are a couple of reasons for this.

The idea first came to me when I was reading this post by Emily Freeman. The process she uses of writing a few pages longhand each day to activate her brain and get creativity flowing is a method that works for me too, and is something that I’ve been practicing since before I knew it had a name.

The second reason is because four pages is what I write, every single day, when I’m working on a book. I do this because it seems like just the right amount of work to keep me from getting bored. Since the primary purpose of this blog is to encourage you on your writing journey (novel, short fiction, memoir, or otherwise), I thought it would be smart to honour mine in the title.

How do you write? If you had to sum up your writing life in two words, how would you do it?



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